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Cloth dog collars from Sirius 

Our cloth collars, regardless of size or color, are all made on the same basic pattern. While initially designed for sighthounds, these collars work well for all breeds of dogs. They are a style of slip collar and work in the same manner as a choke chain. Long-wearing fabric is used for the body of the collar with heavy reinforcement fabric on the inside for added strength. The ends are tapered to allow the rings to slide smoothly. These collars are 2 1/4 inches wide. A limited selection of colors is available in 1 inch width.

Once the important things are taken care of, the pretty part can be addressed. Fancy trims are added to the foundation collar. Bright colors, subtle colors, the glitter of gold and silver. Brass bells to say "Here I am" and swaying tassels. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

With a little care your cloth collar should remain beautiful for a long time. If it gets soiled, hand wash it in a mild detergent or soap. Like slip collars of any kind, the cloth collars should not be left on an unattended dog.

Go to our descriptive pages to see a sampling of our cloth collars. Once you decide on the basic collar you want, go to the Colors and Trims page to choose the color and trim for your collar.

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When properly fitted, the collar should slip easily over your hound's head when going on and should seem a little snug when removed. Use a cloth or other flexible tape measure and measure first where you think the collar should rest on your dog’s neck, then slide it off and on to make sure that it is a correct fit. That is the measurement from which the collar will be made. Please check our section on measuring.


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