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Welcome to Sirius - home of handcrafted collars for hounds of all sizes.

We have opened an Etsy store and will direct you there to order your collars. Even with the store we will need additional information from you to make your custom collar exactly the way it needs to be. The store is SiriusAdorned


We also invite you to "Like" our Facebook page, where you will find many examples of collars - yes the possibilities are endless! 

SiriusAdorned on Facebook

One thing that can cause serious delays is mis-measured collars, which given our low volume and the amount of time spent on each collar significantly slows production. Even though we have always had a disclaimer on our measuring instructions page, it has been our policy to accept the return of collars that have not been measured correctly, and make a new collar to the correct size at no extra charge. That will continue to be our policy. However, since all of the collars ordered on this web site are made to order, we are getting quite a collection of collars that just didn't fit. We do have ways to make them go away given enough time, but it would be easier for everyone if the measurements were correct to start out with. To that end, I will probably be nagging everyone who orders to measure two or three times, and then ask "Are you sure?" again just for good measure. If you have questions after reading the Measuring page, please feel free to ask.


An example of the Bells & Coins collar

About Our Collars

We are committed to making high-quality, handcrafted dog collars that will last many years given reasonable care. We started making cloth at the request of people in search of a well-made, sighthound-type collar that was a little out of the ordinary. People who don't have sighthounds started seeing our collars and wanting them, so here we are.

Our collar making philosophy is simple. First it has to be well made and safe. Then it can be pretty.  After years of experience making custom horse equipment it was just common sense to carry over the techniques and principles practiced in that area into our dog collars. For example, we use only solid cast brass hardware, no "cheap" split or welded steel. Our cloth collars are sewn by machine using premium threads and reinforced at stress points. If you are not satisfied with the craftsmanship and quality of the collar when you receive it, we will happily refund your money.

But where do I find the prices? A number of people have asked where to find pricing information on the collars. The prices are toward the bottom of each of the descriptive pages for each type of collar.

The Web Site

When putting together this web site, I designed it to be fast and functional. I assume that you are here to look for dog collars. Keeping that in mind, you will find very few animations, no music or other things that will require special plug-ins, and I have tried to keep the graphics simple and the photo sizes down, allowing you to follow small photos to larger photos if you are interested in an item. If you would like to provide feedback about the site, please feel free to e-mail me at:

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